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Sergej and Axel, The brothers co-founding J&A Performance, After not having a reliable a tuning company for exotic vehicles in the northern region of the USA, they have expanded the company nationally with clients reaching world wide

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Sonia is our Executive Accountant, she is a seasoned professional with a strong financial background. Her expertise in financial analysis, budget management, and strategic planning has been instrumental in ensuring our company's financial stability and growth. Sonia's meticulous attention to detail, streamlining processes and implementing best practices. Her proactive approach to problem-solving and dedication to continuous improvement position her as a key influencer in our financial decision-making processes.

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Marketing Manager

Ashlynne, our social media manager and brand designer. She works behind the scenes creating engaging content for our social platforms for everyone to enjoy !

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Master Technician

Jon, our Master Technician, boasts over 25 years of unparalleled experience. His commitment to excellence is evident as he consistently updates his certifications every year by keeping up with his certification and retaining his Master Technician as BMW tech along with Mercedes, Porsche, McLaren and Lamborghini. Jon's expertise and dedication make him an invaluable asset, ensuring our customers receive top-tier automotive service. Jon is a seasoned professional blending decades of experience with a proactive approach to staying current and leading innovations in the ever-evolving automotive industry.

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Master Auto Body Technician

Ty, our Master Auto Body Technician, brings an impressive 26 years of expertise to our team. Specializing in certified repairs for exotic cars, he has honed his skills in custom paintwork and paint match ability's along with body kit installations. Ty's wealth of experience ensures precision and excellence in every project, making him a trusted authority in the field. Ty is a seasoned professional, delivering unparalleled craftsmanship in exotic car repairs and elevating our standards in custom paint and bodywork.

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Carlos, our Executive Videographer, is a creative force behind our visual storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing compelling narratives, he elevates our brand through visually stunning content. Carlos's innovative approach and technical prowess make him an invaluable asset in translating our vision into captivating videos that resonate with our audience. Carlos is a skilled and visionary videographer, shaping our brand's visual identity with excellence.

Meet our partners

We only work with the best companies in the industry to provide the highest caliber of components for our clients we are proud to work with these companies and be fully authorized installers of these companies